February 10, 2016

Next shows :

29/02/16 Geneva (CH) @ L'Usine/Kalvingrad, with Saviours



Impure Wilhelmina/Rorcal tour 2016 :


11/03/16 Lausanne (CH) @ Le Romandie


12/03/16 Marseille/Les Pennes Mirabeau (F) @ Jas'Rod, with Rorcal, Don Ahriman


23/03/16 Feldkirch (AT) @ Graf Hugo, with Rorcal


24/03/16 Vienna (AT) @ DasBACH, with Rorcal, Amer


25/03/16 Prague (CZ) @ Klub Famu, with Rorcal


26/03/16 Hamburg (DE) @ Astrastube, with Rorcal


27/03/16 Copenhagen (DK) @ Underwerket, with Rorcal, Arakk


28/03/16 Braunschweig (DE) @ Das Nexus, with Rorcal


29/03/16 Antwerpen (B) @ Antwerp Music City, with Rorcal, Michael Zimmel


30/03/16 Amsterdam (NL) @ OCCII, with Rorcal


31/03/16 Wurzburg (DE) @ Kellerperle, with Rorcal


01/04/16 Linz (AT) @ Kapu, with Rorcal


02/04/16 La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) @ Bikini Test, with Rorcal


11/06/16 Paris (F) @ Le cirque électrique, with Rorcal



May 07, 2015

We are delighted to announce our signing with Season of Mist. The renowned record label evolves at the crossroads of numerous metal streams that have strongly contributed to forge our specific sound. So this new home seems to suit us perfectly! This collaboration encourages us immensely in working on our next album that we've already started writing.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the people and record labels we work with through the years, especially Division Records and Hummus Records for their fantastic job on the release of "Black Honey". All of you Guys rule!

You can order "Black Honey" (CD, 2xLP) + other albums and t-shirts on our merch page.

Pictures by Romain Graf | © iW 2014